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Property insurance

Property Insurance through UBB Insurance Broker - an informed choice after a careful selection.

Intended for?

Holders of material interest, related to:
  • Immovable Property;
  • Movable property;
  • Production;
  • Ready produce and goods in stock;
  • Other interests, related to the property.

Why us?

We will assist you in negotiating:
  • Proper coverage for the specific asset;
  • Optimal prices;
  • Maturity plans, suitable for you;
  • We will assist you in preparing a risk situation analysis and mitigating your company risks;
  • We have risk placement options abroad.

What do we offer?

Fire and natural disasters image

Fire and natural disasters

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Industrial fire image

Industrial fire

Useful Documents

  • Engagement Agreement
  • Needs Identification Questionnaire  

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Financing with UBB

Financing with UBB

Find the most appropriate for your financing with UBB

Bank Guarantees

Bank Guarantees

Check out the opportunities for issuing and advising of bank guarantees by UBB in local and foreign currency for secure good performance and mitigate risks.