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Health and Accident insurance

Health Insurance through UBB Insurance Broker is an easy and informed choice with care for you and your loved ones

Intended for?

  • Entrepreneurs, wishing to protect their staff;
  • People travelling abroad;
  • Athletes and adventurers;
  • Those, willing to avoid unforeseen health costs for themselves and their loved ones.

Why us?

  • We will help you in selecting a product and coverage options;
  • We will remind you of upcoming payment dates;
  • We will assist you in servicing group policies.

What do we offer?

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Best Doctors

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Travel Assistance

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Accident Insurance

Useful Documents

  • Engagement Agreement
  • Needs Identification Questionnaire  

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Financing with UBB

Financing with UBB

Find the most appropriate for your financing with UBB

Funds Concentration

Funds Concentration

Consolidate your current account balances in one place, especially if your business generates large turnovers in different accounts.