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Motor insurance

Motor Insurance through UBB Insurance Broker is an efficient way to spend your time and insurance-related funds

Intended for?

Owners and users of:
  • Cars;
  • Light commercial vehicles;
  • Trucks;
  • Tractor units;
  • Other specialized equipment.

Why us?

We will assist you in negotiating:
  • Proper coverage for the specific asset;
  • Optimal prices;
  • Alignment of your policies' validity dates;
  • Maturity plans, suitable for you.

What do we offer?

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance image

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

CASCO Insurance image

CASCO Insurance

Auto assistance image

Auto assistance

Useful Documents

  1. Engagement Agreement
  2. Needs Identification Questionnaire
  3. Insuring Party's 'Declaration Statement under MTPL for Individuals
  4. Insuring Party's 'Declaration Statement under MTPL for Legal Entities
  5. Insured's Declaration Statement for damage on a leased vehicle

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Funds Concentration

Funds Concentration

Consolidate your current account balances in one place, especially if your business generates large turnovers in different accounts.

Bank Guarantees

Bank Guarantees

Check out the opportunities for issuing and advising of bank guarantees by UBB in local and foreign currency for secure good performance and mitigate risks.